Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a selection of questions we’re asked more frequently, relating to both alcohol addiction and alcohol treatment for alcohol addiction. If you have a question that isn’t answered below please feel free to contact us.

Alcohol Addiction

Why is alcohol so addictive?

Alcohol can become an addiction because of the many ways it reacts with the brain. Amongst other things it encourages the release of dopamine – a chemical which produces feelings of satisfaction – and increases the production of the brain’s natural painkiller – endorphin. This comes at a price, as in the short term alcohol effects the glutamate and GABA, chemicals which control how essential messages are sent between nerve cells in the brain. Long term the damage is much more severe, poisoning your brain and liver as they struggle to keep your body working.

Why can’t I break my alcohol addiction?

This isn’t an easy question to answer. Underlying problems could lead to you consuming alcohol for a variety of reasons, and even your genetic makeup can lead to you being more likely to becoming addicted to alcohol. The bottom line though, is that over time your body adjusts to alcohol and comes to depend on it, creating a physical addiction that isn’t easy to overcome. If you think you need help please take a look at our alcohol treatment pages or contact us.

About the Clean Living alcohol treatment package

How much does alcohol treatment cost?

A flat rate fee of £2800 for the Clean Living alcohol treatment package covers everything. Flights, travel, accommodation, food and most importantly the alcohol treatment which are all taken care of by Clean Living.

Where do I stay in Riga?

Due to the nature of detox and then the administered alcohol treatment you will stay at the clinic so qualified medical staff can monitor you around the clock. For more information visit the alcohol treatment package page or contact us.

How do I get from the airport to the clinic?

The price of travel is included in your one off price paid to Clean Living. You will be chauffeur driven from the airport to the clinic and back again after the alcohol treatment. For more information visit the alcohol treatment page or contact us.

Where can I fly from to get to Riga?

From the UK and Ireland you can fly from most major airports, including Birmingham, Bristol, Dublin, East Midlands, Glasgow, Liverpool, London Stansted, Manchester and Newcastle airports. We can also arrange travel from other European countries. For more information on flights please check our flights and accommodation section or contact us.

About the alcohol treatment

How can I receive alcohol treatment in Latvia?

Alcohol treatment you receive as part of the Clean Living alcohol treatment package is private medical care and as such can be carried out anywhere.

Should something go wrong, let’s say you contract swine flu while you’re in Riga, a benefit of Latvia being an EU country is that as long as you have an EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) you can receive alcohol treatment there. You should have one of these for any trip to another European country. You can apply for one of these here.

As you will be traveling specifically for medical alcohol treatment however you should be aware of the information covered here In any case you should ensure you have travel insurance to cover the purpose of your trip.

If you are in any doubt please check with your GP or contact us.

What does the alcohol treatment consist of?

The alcohol treatment consists of a three to four day detox and physical alcohol treatment by either the code injection or implantable Disulfiram tablets.

What form does the detox take?

During the detox you stay in a private medical clinic and receive round the clock attention from a qualified doctor and his team. Various drugs are administered through the process to help your body through the detox. Typically this process lasts for three to four days. For more information take a look at our alcohol treatment page.

What form does physical alcohol treatment take?

When it comes to alcohol treatment you have a choice between a Code injection or implantable Disulfiram tablets. You will receive only one form of physical alcohol treatment depending on the diagnosis of your alcoholism. For more information take a look at our alcohol treatment page.

What is the code?

The code is an injection to stop you craving alcohol, blocking the receptors in your brain so you no longer feel the need to drink and creating an adverse reaction to any alcohol you do drink. For more information take a look at our alcohol treatment page.

What are implantable Disulfiram tablets?

Disulfiram tablets are implanted under the skin and release into the body over eight to twelve months, creating an adverse reaction to any alcohol you drink. For more information take a look at our alcohol treatment page.

What happens after my alcohol treatment?

After your alcohol treatment you can return home and begin rebuilding bridges. Some people can get back into their way of life free of alcohol, others might make an easier transition by joining a local support group or receiving some form of counseling.