Client Testimonials

John, Edinburgh

My wife’s life was falling around her with battle of alcohol addiction, she was very emotional after the death of her father a few years ago and it hit my wife really hard as she was very close to him.

I researched alcohol addiction to try and help my wife and support her but it was not working as she was still going to “the drink” every time. But I came across Clean Living health, which supported people with alcohol addiction and thought to myself this is great, as we can finally have the help we need to stop this addiction problem.

We contacted Clean Living Health and the person we spoke with was very helpful and understanding when speaking to my wife and we got everything in motion for her to have treatment. They treated my wife with care and respect and most of all listened to her. Now we are both home and my wife is doing really well and she is on the road to recovery. Big Thank you for all your help and the support that you gave us.

Paul, London

I underwent treatment for alcoholism over a year ago now and it has changed my life as i was really struggling to cope with my alcohol addiction. I had tried a number of different organisations who support people with their drinking addiction problem, but in my case I had no luck and I was running out of options.

It got to the point where I was about to lose the job I have had for 10 years and then a miracle happened when I came across Clean Living Health online.

I was treated with great care and I had full trust in the people who were doing the treatment. Now I have made a full recovery from my addiction, I feel better in myself and I’m feeling much more healthy.  I really can’t thank you all for giving me my life back.

Charlotte, Manchester

Where do I start? My addiction to alcohol has been a part of my life since I was in my teenage years when I got into the wrong friendship group at college and we started to go out partying. It was every night, and before I knew it, I had a problem with alcohol. The worst feeling was about 5 years ago I came into to work drunk and lost my job.

Since that day I tried and tried everything and it was not working, but I was told about Cleaning Living Health. I did my research and thought it was worth taking a chance at finally stopping my addiction altogether. It turned out to be the best chance I ever took.

The support and help that Clean Living Health gave me was out of this world and when I’d had the treatment and got back home I felt like a new person. I got my life back on track again and I found a job, which I’m still in today and loving it.

Big hugs to everyone at Cleaning Living Health, without you I don’t think I would have been able to stop my addiction, I love been alcohol FREE


I had a very big problem with alcohol and didn’t know how to stop. I tried everything to stop my addiction by going to support groups and different organisations but I had very little luck as I still went back to alcohol every single time and I know in my head I wanted support and get myself back on track as  my family didn’t want to know me any more.

I saw Clean Living Health online and contacted them straight away to get help and treatment and we talked through how my journey would pan out

I’ve had the treatment and I am doing well and have not touched alcohol for over a year. Thankfully I am talking to my family again which I really wanted as my addiction broke us apart but I am on the road to recovery.

Thank you Clean Living Health

Claire, Wales

I can’t remember exactly when it started in my teenage years as at first it wasn’t part of my life. I was just a social drinker and enjoyed going out but I got into a bad habit of liking alcohol too much and then when my mum and dad passed away it hit me really hard and I used alcohol as a coping mechanism.

Now as an adult, I still had a drinking problem until about 5 months ago when I was told I was killing myself from all the alcohol.

I researched how to stop and came across Cleaning Living Health

I had the treatment and the people caring and looking after me really helped me a lot to get back on track. If it wasn’t for them I know I wouldn’t be alive today, I’m really lucky to have a second chance in life.

Thank you, Cleaning Living Health for everything you have done